Outsmarting menopause

Solgen® is a unique and natural isoflavone ingredient from Non-GMO soybeans

Midlife woman’s body

The arrival of menopause marks the beginning of a new stage in the midlife women lives. Although it is an inescapable moment, it can be quite an emotional challenge for many women. Whilst the progressive withdrawal of menstruation is accompanied by the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, the process is even more difficult.

Experiencing certain discomforts at menopause is normal and the supplementation with Solgen® contributes to minimising the symptoms.

Isoflavones in ancient tradition

Japanese women have the world's longest average life expectancy and one of the lowest incidence rates of hormone-dependent diseases such as breast and ovarian cancers or coronary heart disease.

Likewise, Asian women have a lower incidence of climacteric-related disorders, such as hot flashes.

Researchers have found that the explanation for this might be attributed to the soy consumption that often begins in utero and continues throughout their lifespan.

Beyond pharmaceutical soybean isoflavones

SOLGEN® is the unique soybean isoflavones approved for the treatment of hot flashes during menopause (eCTD-DMF available).

– The SOLGEN® soybean isoflavones profile mimics the human body’s natural estrogen.

– SOLGEN® contains high levels of Genistin and Genistein in a ratio of glycosides conjugates and aglycones that matches the profile of isoflavones that naturally occurs in soybeans.

HPLC Solgen®

– The molecular forms contents in SOLGEN® have been clinically proven to provide high bioavailability.

– EFSA concluded on the absence of adverse effects on breast, uterus and thyroidal gland with the intake of 35-150mg of isoflavones daily through food or supplements.

Clinical studies for
Menopause and Postmenopause

The SOLGEN® family

Delivering the best soybean isoflavones

Depending on the concentration of naturally occurring isoflavones, we have from Solgen®3,
standardized to contain as much as 3% isoflavones to Solgen®80, with the highest concentration of natural soybean isoflavones :

Solgen® Family opens up an array of possibilities in different segments such as dietary supplements, nutritional foods, beverages, and cosmetics.

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