An overview of the conclusions on isoflavones from soy in food supplements for all other effects than on hormone levels:

Doses Age group 40 mg/day 80 mg/day
Children (10 to <14 years) Cannot conclude because lack of data Cannot conclude because lack of data
Adolescents (14 to <18 years)
Pre-menopausal women (≥18 years)
Peri- and post-menopausal women
Men (≥18 years)

- Estimated exposure to isoflavones is unlikely to cause negative health effects.

- Estimated exposure to isoflavones may represent a risk of negative health effects.

EFSA safety assesment

GRAS certificate

AESAN safety assesment

Solgen signaling is mediated by beta receptor

Safety and clinicals

EFSA concluded on the absence of adverse effects on breast, uterus and thyroidal gland with the intake of 35-150mg of isoflavones daily through food or supplements.